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SEO For EV Component Company

Electric vehicle component company leveraged technical SEO audits and content marketing audits to promote their green energy products.

What Are XHTML/HTML Empty Tags?

Identify empty XHTML tags and empty HTML tags on your website and the technical SEO coding best practice to eliminate empty tags on web pages.

My Website Has Page Depth Problems?

Learn how to solve page depth issues resulting from complex website structures, poor internal linking and unlinked pages that currently affect SEO results.

How Do I Fix My Canonical Issue?

Solve canonical issues and duplicate content signals by adjusting technical SEO elements of individual files or by modifying website technical structure.

Does My Website Have Schema Markup?

How to identify five common schema markup issues on a website, three solutions to help solve schema implementation challenges and tips to monitor schema.

What is a URL Redirect?

Know when to use a URL 301 redirect vs a 302 redirect maintaining SEO efforts, understand server redirect codes and the technical SEO benefits of redirects.

File Transfer

Learn how to confirm that the proper file transfer of website files has been performed including files for e-commerce, CMS, lead generation and complex directory structures.

SEO for Law Firms White Paper

SEO increased law firm’s organic traffic, attorney profile visibility and local search relevancy growing practice to 12 states in 18 months.